This is a representative and non-comprehensive list of projects that we have worked on. For reasons of confidentiality, many projects cannot be listed, and details cannot be offered.

Projects: Scientific/Medical/Pharma

Project: Sense Stimulation Instrument. This project entailed the design of all the electronics for a medical instrument to stimulate patients’ senses. The instruments had to generate a very precise electrical stimulus over a very large dynamic range (20,000 : 1) given a setting from the operator. The design also included all the electronics for control and user interface. This instruments is used in the early diagnosis of cognitive degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Dementia, etc.

Project: Controller for an Automatic Therapeutic Massage Machine. This project entailed the design of the user interface and controller for a full body therapeutic massage machine. The therapy was delivered by accurately controlling the pressure in different air chambers to simulate human delivered massage therapy.

Project: Parametric Monitor. This project consisted of the design of a monitor of different process parameters in the manufacturing of molecular based cancer drugs. It necessitated the design of high precision non-linear amplification and demodulation techniques to recover very small signals buried in noise.

Projects: Industrial

Project: User Interface and Controller for a Rheometer. This project entailed the design of a touch screen user interface and controller for a Rheometer. A Rheometer is an industrial machine to test the compressive and tensile strength of materials. This design necessitated extremely accurate acquisition of signals from sensors, and extremely accurate control of force actuators.

Projects: Military and Aerospace

Project: Power Supervisor. This design was a power supervisor for a complex photonics amplifier to be used by the Navy in their latest ships.

Project: High Power Microwave Amplifier Controller. This design consisted of a board to monitor the environmental conditions of a satellite high power microwave amplifier and adjust the amplifier bias parameters to optimize the gain and the linearity.

Project: Ball Joint Gimbaled Mirror Controller. Design of a high precision high bandwidth antenna and mirror steering systems that can be utilized across a broad range of sensor systems. The system exhibited high dynamic range, excellent accuracy and precision, and met all stringent weight, power requirements, and mechanical envelope constraints.

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