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About Us

Dr. Orlando Hernandez – President

Dr. Orlando Hernandez received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He is the Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The College of New Jersey, and the Director of the Image Processing and Understanding, and the Computer Architecture and VLSI Laboratories. Previously, at Texas Instruments and Maxim, he held positions in design and business management. His research interests include embedded systems, color image segmentation and retrieval, computer vision, image processing, and high-performance specialized VLSI architectures to perform these tasks. Dr. Hernandez is a seasoned ABET Program Evaluator, has extensive experience in assessment of academic programs for institutional effectiveness, and has led and contributed to Strategic Planning processes at TCNJ.

Ms. Nelly Gonzalez – VP of Operations

Ms. Nelly Gonzalez received her M.S. in Quality Management of Higher Education from the University of Pamplona. Previously, at various universities and most recent at the University of Cundinamarca, she taught courses of economy, business management and entrepreneurship, socio-humanistic, y ethics and international commerce for engineers in the Electronics Engineering Department. Ms. Gonzalez has also extensive experience in the assessment of academic programs, as well as in international trade. She also has considerable experience in the public and private business sector.

Mr. Orlando Hernandez, Jr. – CITO

Mr. Orlando Hernandez, Jr. is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Science, Technology, and Society as well as his Master of Science in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he is involved, beyond the academics, with many extracurricular endeavors, including interdisciplinary research. At A-WIT, he is in charge of all electronic and information technology systems.